The Longview Tradition

The history of Longview dates back to the 1800s when it was first known as The Longview Black Jack Farm. In the early 1950s, a portion of the grounds were purchased by Graham’s father, owner of Graham Brothers’ Dairy Farm and brother of Reverend Billy Graham, to put his dry cattle out to pasture.

“As a kid, I walked the property all the time, appreciating this God-given, wonderful canvas,” says Graham. “I always knew we could make Longview something very special.”

Graham alongside his father farmed the land into his twenties at which time he embarked on what became a successful career in the construction and real estate business.

“As I started making money, I began to purchase adjoining parcels to the farm,” recounts Graham, “and, over the next 20 years, was able to accumulate over a thousand acres. In the late 1990s, Charlotte was exploding to the south. So when the Rea Road extension and Highway 485 were announced, I decided to develop what is now Longview,” recalls Graham.

At the highest points of the property, the Charlotte skyline is visible. “This property was perfect due to its proximity to the rapidly growing south side of Charlotte. It’s 30 minutes from uptown Charlotte, a reasonable commute, plus, its location in Union County means lower taxes and great schools,” he points out.

Graham’s vision came about after extensive travels through England and Scotland. “I fell in love with old world architecture and wanted to create one of the finest residential communities anywhere in the Carolinas. I wanted classic architecture that would withstand the test of time.”

He was also influenced by the longevity and stability of Charlotte’s Eastover and Myers Park neighborhoods. The streets of Longview are lined with plantings of majestic oak trees now 10 years old. “They will only improve with age,” muses Graham.

“I enjoy golf. I’m not a pro but enjoy playing on a challenging, fair and physically attractive golf course,” says Little, who adds that he’s always wanted to own a golf course. “The opportunity to become a partner came at just the right time.”

Little started his career in investment banking in Chicago. He first worked in futures, then hedge funds, joining a Baltimore firm which operated one of the world’s largest alternative investment groups. He retired from there in 2008 and moved to Charlotte. He maintains his securities license with Wells Fargo and is a member of a wealth management group out of Knoxville, Tennessee.

“There is a tendency for people to assume that anyone who invests in this [Longview] is in it for the money, but it’s a long term prospect,” says Little. “It’s really about seeking a high quality of lifestyle.”

“It’s a close-knit community and a great place for families. The schools are ranked very highly. When it was conceived, everybody thought that only older people would live here, but that’s not the case now,” Little says.