Life at Its Best

Although The Club at Longview has certainly felt the slowing effects of the recent economic downturn, Graham says they have continued to grow at a rate of about 12 new members per year. Currently, there are 22 homes—all sold—under construction.

Graham attributes this to the business knowledge and economic strength of the ownership partners. “We had the pockets to support it,” says Graham. “Not only did we weather the storm, but we paid off all the debt.”

The partners also recently invested an additional one million dollars to complete and repair infrastructure across the property. “We put our money where our mouths are and stay with our original goals,” says Graham. “I have three great partners and I am thankful for them.”

Graham describes the membership as “a broad mix, bringing together older families from Charlotte and Union County and newcomers from across the country. We have self-made entrepreneurs all the way to executives and CEOs. It’s a wide demographic and racially diverse.”

“The residents within the community feel very fortunate and blessed to live in such a pristine, serene neighborhood,” says Graham.

Membership to The Club at Longview is contingent upon application approval by the membership committee. “We’re looking for like-minded individuals and professionals that can contribute to the social community that we’re building here. That will require the financial wherewithal to be a member of a social club,” explains Little.

“People come for different reasons,” says Graham. “Some are here because it’s a great place to raise a family; for others it provides a second or third retirement home. Still, others are attracted to all the activities.”

The Club at Longview has four types of memberships: golf memberships, social memberships, corporate memberships and national memberships. Golf memberships are capped at 395, but are still available. Social memberships have no cap; management expects to add 30 new members this year.

The Club at Longview also contributes to the greater region. “We want to be good corporate citizens and an asset to the surrounding area,” says Graham. “Personally, I believe that God has blessed me and I want to reach out to the community and give back.”

The Club sponsors multiple fundraisers each year to benefit a wide variety of charities. Last year, it hosted the Chiquita Golf Tournament. Approximately $1 million in proceeds went to benefit local charities.

Mel Graham currently has a home in Blowing Rock and also lives in the old governor’s mansion in Charlotte, known as Morrocroft.

“I kept about 50 acres in the heart of Longview which was the small farm that my daddy first bought,” confided Graham. “I intend to build out there. I can have all the stress the world has to offer, but when I pull through the gates of Longview, it all disappears leaving peace and serenity.

“For me, Longview is far more than another real estate venture—it is home.”